Education and Training is the fifth-largest** employing industry in Australia with continuing growth expected over the next five years. With a demand for education services due to population growth and the higher skill needs of the economy, there is a major focus on Science and STEM skills.

The Australian government continues to place importance on Science within the Education and Training sector, investing billions of dollars into funding and initiatives to support the study of science and the broader STEM area. STEM has been identified as a priority to ensure future productivity, and national and global citizenship.

Your UNSW Science degree will ensure you’re ready to teach and participate in the education and training sector as an advocate for the importance of STEM in the current economy and Australian landscape.

Careers in Education & Training

With a growing population, Australia’s education system needs to attract and retain teachers. The Department of Jobs and Small Business predicts that the education system will need to hire an extra 16,400 primary teachers**  in the years ahead. As a result, there is also an increasing need for teachers with the skills to teach and train in STEM, making a science degree or STEM specific qualifications extremely appealing to schools and recruiters.

Plenty of opportunities are also available within vocational or on-the-job training with a growing demand for science and STEM skills apparent in a range of areas with the creation of new technologies. This means you can help train and educate students and employees to prepare them for careers or upskill in industries such as data science, cybersecurity and the energy and utilities sector among many others. 

Relevant Roles

  • Primary or Secondary Teacher 
  • Early childhood educator  
  • Special Education teacher 
  • Principal 
  • Educational Leader 
  • TAFE instructor 
  • Curriculum Developer 
  • School Psychologist 
  • Learning and Wellbeing Officers 

Career Paths at UNSW

Education and Training is an ideal career path for those who are passionate about Science and teaching STEM skills. Our graduates gain skills in critical thinking, organisation, communication and technical skills through a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We provide you with the scientific foundations to enter the Education and Training sector and teach and transfer these skills to a growing population.

At UNSW Science, you’ll have the opportunity to study general science subjects or focus on specialised areas of study to start your career.

View our undergraduate Science degree options to see where a career in Education & Training can take you.

You can also complete a double degree with a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) so you’re equipped with the perfect combination of qualifications to become an Education and Training professional. 

Progress your career with a postgraduate degree and gain specialist skills that are transferable in Education and Training. We offer graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and master degrees to help you solidify your expertise and ensure you keep up with the latest developments in STEM.