Accountants and advisors provide a wide range of financial services across the Australian economy where understanding, planning and reporting financial activity is a requirement for all businesses and most individuals.

This highly skilled work involves a diverse range of tasks including traditional accounting, bookkeeping, administration of payrolls, tax and auditing. Many Australians rely on accountants and financial advisors to manage individual or family taxes, investments and finances. All sectors of the Australian economy and businesses of all sizes need these services.

Careers in Accountancy & Advisory

There are approximately over 200,000  accountants** in Australia. Accountants and financial advisors are in high demand. Those who have specialised skills such as data management, mathematics, statistics or systems analysis and design can expect a higher salary.  

Relevant roles:

  • Accountant 
  • Auditor
  • Corporate Executive
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Share Broker

Career Paths at UNSW

UNSW Science offers a great career path into Accounting and Advisory if you’re interested in mathematics subjects, statistics, data, critical thinking and problem-solving.

We offer a range of career focussed degrees if you want to start or enhance your career in accountancy and advisory services. You will apply your skills to career development as you work closely with the great contacts that UNSW Science has in the finance industry. 

Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions and Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Honours) can kickstart your understanding of analytical mathematic techniques and skills which will be beneficial when deciding to pursue a career in the Accounting industry.

The Bachelor of Science and Business also offers a specific business focus which can be advantageous for a career in accounting and advisory.

Supercharge your career in Accounting and Advisory Services:  

UNSW Science offers in an online flexible learning format, which means if you're already an accountancy professional, you can fit your studies around your work commitments. 

A postgraduate degree will give you a wide range of skills in a competitive financial environment. 

We also offer research degrees in Mathematics at UNSW;

Where Our Graduates Work

Graduates of Accountancy and Advisory studies from UNSW can be found at Suncorp, Deloitte, CSIRO, Google, McKinsey & Company, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, Accenture, PwC, Macquarie Bank, BT Financial, KPMG, JP Morgan, The Reserve Bank, Wesfarmers and many other organisations.