Adam Halmy, Double Bachelor of Engineering and Science

Adam our student

Adam Halmy is a fifth year Engineering and Science student studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours). Adam is keen to pursue a career in the booming mineral mining industry, choosing this particular degree combination as he believes it's the perfect balance of skills and knowledge for his desired future career.

We asked Adam about his UNSW study experience and what advice he’d give to students still deciding what to study.

Why did you choose to study at UNSW?

I chose to study at UNSW because of the friendly vibe at UNSW events I attended during my HSC. While I wanted a good quality education, I also wanted to make sure I was attending a university that I would enjoy during the time I wasn’t in class.

What motivated you to choose the double degree that you’re studying?

I chose this degree because my future career goal is to work in the mineral mining industry. I’ve been able to learn all about processing equipment design and optimisation as part of my Chemical Engineering degree and about mineral structures and physical landforms in my Geography degree. It’s a perfect combination of skills to take into a graduate role in the mining industry.

What’s kept you motivated during your study at UNSW?

One of the things that’s driven me to achieve more is the real-life projects that I’ve been able to work on. Applying the knowledge you learn in class to a project that could have a real impact on people and the environment is really rewarding. Working on these projects and envisioning their impact has motivated me to learn more and develop better solutions.

What are some of the most interesting projects you've worked on at UNSW?

Field trips are definitely one of the more interesting things that I get to do. For my Science degree I got to travel around NSW collecting data and exploring natural phenomena. It’s a great opportunity to put in-class learning into practice.

In my final year Chemical Engineering Project, our group developed a full-scale operating plant to extract lithium from waste oil-gas brine. It was challenging but extremely rewarding and showed me what life may be like as a chemical engineer.

How has UNSW opened your mind?

Every subject I’ve studied has challenged my mind in some way or another. I’ve often found that there’s not always a perfect solution to a problem. I’ve started to think more creatively and critically about course content which I think will help me become a better engineer or scientist in the future.

How has your study at UNSW prepared you for the workforce?

The two internships I completed have helped me feel career ready. I worked as an Undergraduate Process Engineer in the water industry. It was great to apply the skills I’d been learning to an actual job. My other internship was at UNSW, in the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology, investigating the properties of membranes and how their configuration can be improved in humanitarian applications.

What advice would you give to future students?

Pick a degree that you’re passionate about! Pursue something that gets you excited about attending university and going to work when you graduate.

Seek out as many internships as possible throughout your degree not only to gain employability skills but also to try out possible career pathways.

Anna Danyushevsky, Bachelor of Science (International)

anna our student

Anna is three years into her Bachelor of Science (International) degree majoring in Biotechnology, having moved from Tasmania to Sydney to study at UNSW.

Passionate about the impact Biotechnology can have on our daily lives, Anna is excited for what lies ahead when she completes her degree. We chatted with Anna about studying at UNSW and how she made the choice to enrol in a Bachelor of Science.

Why did you choose to study at UNSW?

The main reason I chose UNSW is because of the degree they offered. After finding out more about the amazing state-of-the-art research facilities at UNSW visiting the campus, I fell in love! The vibrant student life cemented my choice.

What drives you to achieve more?

The fact that every day I am learning something new that can better the world in its own way. Right now, the stage of life that I am in, I have so many opportunities to make decisions that will shape my future. The more things I say yes to, the more experience, skills and knowledge I will have to be able to achieve everything I want to. 

What motivated you to choose the degree that you’re studying?

Each day learning more about the world we live in and about the most recent developments in the Biotechnology sector. It excites me so much how quickly the Biotech industry is growing and developing. I can’t wait to start contributing to the scientific field!

What are some of the ways you got involved in student life at UNSW?

In my second year I was the 2019 Event Horizon Coordinator at Arc, the student life organisation at UNSW. I ran my own volunteer program and organised a group of 40 volunteers running student life events on campus. I worked on everything from the Arc Markets and Welcome Week, to putting on three ‘Stress Less Weeks’! Managing a budget, volunteers, externals and having full control of the event was definitely a big learning curve for me. We were able to promote stress management techniques, healthy habits, and help-seeking to students.

How has UNSW opened your mind?

I’m completing an extended language minor in German Studies as part of my degree. Balancing learning a language with my science major really challenged my mind. It allowed me to work different parts of my brain and jump between learning vocabulary and grammar to working in a lab. It has taught me to take the knowledge and theories that I’ve learnt from my non-science subjects and apply it to my science major.  

How has your study at UNSW helped you become ready for the workforce?

All the experiences I’ve had outside of the classroom made me feel the most career ready. The interpersonal skills I’ve learned have complemented my academic studies and working as a Student Ambassador and Volunteer Program coordinator gave me invaluable communication and leadership skills. The research project I undertook in the School of Chemistry and volunteer work with the Chemistry Education Team has also allowed me to put my science knowledge in a more applied, educational practice.  I’m not 100% sure where my Science degree will take me, or the careers I’ll pursue. However, I know these experiences combined have equipped me with self-assurance and confidence that will help me find a career I’ll love!