If you want to dive deep into mathematics, from the abstract to the applied, then this is the degree for you. The Bachelor of (Advanced Mathematics) (Honours) is a four-year, full-time program, designed for high-achieving students with a passion for the mathematical sciences.  

This program combines advanced coursework with an honours-level research project in one of the available plans of study. During this course, you will develop strong mathematics-focussed research skills, within a scientific framework. 

Science vs Advanced Mathematics

The degree differs from the Bachelor of Science with the inclusion of compulsory Advanced Mathematics coursework, which includes majors in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, quantitative risk and advanced statistics.  

You’ll also complete electives from a huge range of UNSW Science options which can be tailored to your aptitude and interests.  

During the final year you’ll complete an honours-level research project in Advanced Mathematics.  

This degree is designed to be flexible enough to combine with a second degree from the Faculties of Arts, Engineering, Law and Business. 

See some of UNSW’s Advanced Mathematics students and academics talk about the degree and the careers you can expect and life at uni. 


You can choose from the following majors to specialise within a specific subject area:  

Your Career 

The mathematics skills you’ll develop in this program are essential to succeeding in environmental modelling or research. This degree will also pave the way for quantitative careers a wide array of business areas, including:   

  • Finance and trading 
  • Risk analysis  
  • Computer science 
  • Policy  
  • Marketing.

What Our Students Say  

“There’s a few reasons why I chose to do the maths in year 12. I knew that I was really interested in maths and I got a lot of satisfaction from maths. I didn’t know where it was going to lead, but I did know I wanted to choose a program that was going to let me go deeper and get a deeper knowledge of maths, and I thought Advanced Maths at UNSW would allow me to do that.”  

– Georgia Tsambos, Advanced Maths student.

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