The UNSW Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) is a 4-year full-time (or equivalent part-time) degree. This multidisciplinary program is a joint initiative between the Schools of Chemistry and Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences and the Pharmacology section of the School of Medical Sciences.  

Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) will provide you with unique skills by bringing together studies in contemporary biology, biochemistry, pharmacology and essential chemistry. The program studies the design and synthesis of new drug candidates, their biochemical effects, testing regimes and regulatory and ethical considerations.  

Flexibility of Choice 

In the final year of study, you will apply your knowledge to a research project. Research can be chosen from a wide range of medicinal chemistry projects which emphasise the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the program.  

You will complete the honours component by producing a thesis on your research. The program can also progress seamlessly into a higher degree. 

Learn With the Best 

The School of Medical Sciences is the largest school within UNSW Medicine and one of the largest schools in the university.   

The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences is one of the largest and most prestigious schools of scientific research in Australia.

Your Career 

Medicinal Chemistry is an exciting, rapidly expanding area within the broad discipline of chemistry that has seen enormous growth. 

This degree has a strong professional focus. Graduates are in high demand from local and international pharmaceutical companies involved in modern drug design, other science-based industries and related fields.  

What Our Students Say 

“My honours year was the highlight of my degree. I got a taste of what research was like, and it challenged me in ways I hadn't expected. I had to be organised, self-motivated and tenacious in my work, but I believe that this was made so much easier by the support of my supervisor and the members of the research group that I had joined.”  

– An Phan, Medicinal Chemistry Honours 2014. 

Find Out More 

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.