The UNSW Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) is a four-year full-time advanced level degree, with a wide range of study options tailored to your aptitude and interests. It caters for talented students and those looking to pursue careers that take advantage of new technologies and innovations.  

UNSW is a powerhouse for scientific learning and research. Each year, it is the university of choice for thousands of the brightest students from around the world who want to learn from award-winning academics, access cutting-edge facilities and connect with industry leaders. 

Flexible Subject Choices Tailored to Your Interests 

We’ve designed this degree for innovative thinkers, offering flexibility to tailor the degree in a way that works for you. 

You can choose from 25 majors within the physical, natural and human sciences to specialise. The degree promotes collaboration and multi-group projects aimed at acquiring and applying the critical and analytical skills behind scientific research. Accelerated or tailored programs of study are available for especially talented students.  

The fourth honours year is an integral part of the degree, tailored to your own research project and combined in some cases with advanced coursework. You will conduct original scientific investigations and analysis while developing your critical and integrative thinking.  

Students can also undertake a dual degree by combining their Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) with a range of diverse degrees from Arts to Computer Science and Law.

Your Career 

UNSW Science graduates are employed across a wide range of industry areas including government agencies such as the CSIRO, and the private sector including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Career options for Advanced Science graduates are diverse and including working as a:

  • Chemist 
  • Field biologist 
  • Geologist 
  • Life scientist 
  • Medical scientist 
  • Product analyst 
  • Zoologist 
  • Forensic scientist 
  • Oceanographer 
  • Physicist 
  • Anthropologist. 

What Our Students Say 

 “UNSW’s emphasis on equipping students with the skills and knowledge required for science careers extends beyond traditional methods of tuition, and generous support is provided to encourage professional development through participation in student societies and international competitions.”     

-Dana Leidl – Advanced Science/Engineering student 

Find Out More 

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.