The UNSW Mathematics bridging course is designed to prepare you for entry into university programs requiring first-year Maths. It will help develop your skills and basic understanding to step confidently into your first year of study. Topics from HSC Mathematics Extension 1, include:

  • Revision of algebra
  • Functions
  • Trigonometric identities and inverse trigonometric functions
  • Calculus
  • Induction
  • Combinatorics and Binomial Theorem
  • Further calculus, including integration leading to inverse trigonometric functions
  • Newton’s method
  • Application of calculus to the physical world.

Offered three times a year, UNSW Mathematics bridging course runs before Term 1 (February), term 2 (May) and Term 3 (September) each year. It provides 40 hours of tuition comprised of online lectures and optional face-to-face tutorials.

The fee is $380.

Is the UNSW Mathematics Bridging Course for Me?

The UNSW Mathematics bridging course is for you if you have no prior knowledge of HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and intend to pursue maths-related courses in the first year of your degree.

It prepares you for entry directly into  MATH1131 Mathematics 1A, which is a compulsory course in many science-based degrees as well as all engineering and mathematics degrees at UNSW.

To enter MATH1131 Mathematics 1A, it is assumed that you have knowledge and understanding equivalent to:

  • a result of 86 or greater in HSC Mathematics (‘2 unit’ – not the pre- 2019 HSC General Mathematics or HSC Standard Mathematics), (NB: some students would benefit from the revision of the UNSW Mathematics bridging course,) or
  • a combined mark of over 100* in HSC Mathematics (‘2 unit’) and HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (‘3 unit’), or
  • a satisfactory grade in the UNSW Mathematics bridging course.

If you do not have the above-assumed knowledge for entry to MATH1131 Mathematics 1A, you’re advised to enrol in MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics B in your first term.

If you’re unsure and would like to check whether you need to study the Mathematics bridging course, you can call our adviser for first-year students at (02) 9385 7011 or email us.

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TAFE Essential Mathematics for Higher Education Course

This course is offered in partnership by UNSW and TAFE Randwick for students who have no background in HSC '2 Unit' Mathematics. The next TAFE Essential Maths course course offering begins on 14 January 2022. It should be completed prior to the start of the UNSW Math Bridging Course, which you will need to complete prior to enrolling in MATH1131 Mathematics 1A in your first term.