UNSW Chemistry bridging course provides a helpful refresher, a strong foundation, and the required learning support for your future university studies. 

This course covers the fundamental principles of chemistry: 

  • Atomic structure 
  • Names and formulae 
  • Moles 
  • Safety and prep of soap and electrolytes 
  • Equations and stoichiometry 
  • Preparation of alum 
  • Concentrations 
  • Oxidation and reduction 
  • Titration 
  • Gases.

Using online lectures, optional on campus tutorials and laboratories Monday 31 January to Thursday 3 February 2022, you will become familiar with the way that Chemistry is taught at university level.

UNSW Chemistry bridging course provides 40 hours of tuition and will be offered fully online (with an optional in-person component) in 2021. The fee is $380.

Is the UNSW Chemistry Bridging Course for Me? 

UNSW Chemistry bridging course is tailored to help you prepare for further studies that include chemistry in the first year of your degree.  

It’s perfect for you if you have no prior knowledge of HSC Chemistry and intend on studying Chemistry 1A. 

To check if you need to study the Chemistry bridging course, you can call our student adviser on (02) 9385 4666. 

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