Vision Science is the study of the sensory processes that underlie vision and the development and use of vision-related technologies.

The Bachelor of Vision Science is a three-year, full-time (or part-time equivalent) degree. This degree is designed to generate scientists who can work with ophthalmic industries in the development of new technologies, diagnostic instruments and patient care options.

Specialised Training & Experience

UNSW Optometry and Vision Science is the largest school of Optometry in Australia. Students studying the  Bachelor of Vision Science will gain practical experience in UNSW’s optometry clinic on Sydney campus.

When you study Vision Science at UNSW, you’ll undertake specialised training and theoretical studies across the following areas:

  • optical science 
  • anatomy and functioning of the eye 
  • eye disorders 
  • clinical optometry 
  • ocular therapy 
  • treatments of ocular-visual disorders. 

You’ll also learn about research design, methods and experimentation that can be applied in the workplace. Importantly, our students are given broad experience in optometric eye care and training to work and communicate with patients and other health care practitioners.


You can choose the following major: 

Your Career 

Studying a Bachelor of Vision Science at UNSW will help you develop sought after skills, ensuring your training is relevant in today’s fast-changing world. You’ll have career opportunities across the public and private health sector and will have the ability to specialise in eye care, using optical devices such as contact lenses, spectacles and ocular implants.

This degree can also lead to work in imaging and drug development, ophthalmic industries and in eye and vision research. Graduates who complete this degree may be eligible to apply to the Master of Clinical Optometry.

What Our Students Say

“Looking back to year 12, I was really interested in going into a health-care profession and I was also very science-oriented. For me optometry was the obvious choice. Every day I’d be getting to help people, at the same time as applying a very science-based knowledge.”  

– Thomas Desmond, Bachelor of Optometry student. 

Find Out More 

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.