The Bachelor of Science is an internationally recognised degree which teaches a wide range of subjects including the fundamentals of biology, physics, chemistry and more. It is ideal for students who love science and want the flexibility to cover a broad range of subjects before specialising.  

Students study the Bachelor of Science to broaden their depth of knowledge, before specialising in a specific field such as Anatomy, Marine and Coastal Science, Neuroscience and Psychology. 

Learn With the Best 

UNSW Science is at the forefront of many new scientific developments, teaching and innovation.  We’re one of the top 50 universities in the world for Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Earth and Marine Sciences, Materials Science and Maths. 

At UNSW, we are responsive to the needs of industry, adaptive to change and take an innovative approach to teaching and learning. We are also proud to offer cross-discipline programs that recognise and foster individual interests and career goals. 

Develop Your Skills

Studying science provides an education for life. Training in multiple fields of science gives students transferable skills – a foundation of logical, analytical, critical thinking, teamwork and communication.  

Our world-class science programs enable our students to gain work experience within their chosen career before finishing their degree. 

What Our Academics Say 

Your Career 

Our degrees are designed to match local and global career opportunities, preparing students for the workplace. Recent graduates work in business, industry and government across a plethora of fields including: 

  • public policy 
  • occupational health and safety 
  • food manufacture 
  • environmental research 
  • finance 
  • meteorology.  

We’re ranked 22nd in the world for employer reputation, which is why employers prefer UNSW Science graduates over any other Australian university.  

What Our Students Say 

“UNSW has had work experience opportunities available, both paid or voluntary, that helped to shape the direction I wanted to go. I can’t emphasise how much UNSW has improved my education in that regard. The amount of opportunity, the amazing field work – it was fantastic.”  

-Mathew Skye on a Marine Science Tour, UNSW Science alumnus. 

Find Out More 

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.