The UNSW Bachelor of Environmental Management is a three-year, full-time degree that studies how human activity impacts our planet. 

This is the degree for students who want a thorough understanding of Environmental Science. You’ll learn how it relates to regulation, economic and social dimensions, policy and management of the environment. Environmental Scientists help shape policy and environmental regulations to create sustainable solutions. 

Choose From a Range of Subjects 

The Bachelor of Environmental Management program contains a core sequence of compulsory courses, a choice of disciplinary majors and choices from a group of electives.  

There are a variety of electives you can choose to tailor your degree to your interests. Fields of study include Biology, Earth Science, Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Geography and Marine Science. 

Real-World Experience 

This program uses hands-on learning experiences which allow students to tackle real-world environmental problems. Fieldwork is a key feature of many of the courses in the degree.  

You’ll gain practical skills you need in professional decision-making. You’ll also learn about balancing economic, social and environmental concerns.  

The Bachelor of Environmental Management is designed as a three-year full-time degree. If you satisfy the entry requirements, you may continue to an honours year or the Master of Environmental Management.  


You can choose from the following majors to specialise within a specific subject area: 

Your Career 

This degree gives you a strong education in the skills and knowledge necessary to work or carry out research as an environmental scientist.  

You’ll gain an understanding of the scientific aspects of the environment within the general context of the policy and legal framework of environmental regulations. You’ll also understand economic and social dimensions to environmental policy and management. 

Our graduates have a range of career opportunities and are employed as: 

  • Environmental Consultants 
  • National Park Rangers 
  • Conservation Project Officers 
  • Biologists 
  • Chemists 
  • Environmental Policy Managers 
  • Environmental Researchers. 

What Our Students Say 

“Field trips are a great component of the environmental science courses at UNSW. We get to put into practice everything we’ve learned in our labs and lectures. We get to do things first-hand in the field and really understand it from the ground up.”  

– Sol Widani, UNSW Marine Science student 

Find out More 

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