The UNSW Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions combines mathematical methods, statistics, computing and business decisions with communication skills. You’ll gain the theoretical and practical skills required to enter the lucrative field of Data Analysis, where networking, decision-making, strategic thinking and attention to detail are essential.

You’ll also benefit from the expertise of educators across three different Schools at UNSW: Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering and Economics.

Electives Tailored to Your Interests

You can choose from a broad range of electives, drawn from Science and two other faculties: UNSW Business School and UNSW Engineering.

A small sample of available electives for this program include:

  • Actuarial Data and Analysis 
  • Digital Marketing and Web Analytics 
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining 
  • Data Mining and its Business Applications 
  • Artificial Intelligence.

You can choose majors including quantitative data science, business data science and computational data science.

UNSW Data Science and Decisions graduates demonstrate knowledge and skills in processing, interpreting and presenting data using appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Supporting Students in the Data Science Community

At UNSW, equity, diversity and inclusion are integral to our success. Our Data Science Peer Mentoring Program provides support to students transitioning into their degree and university life with social events and the opportunity to meet others in the data science community.

We are also committed to inspiring young women to pursue an enriching career path in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We’re offering ambassador roles to female Data Science and Decisions students.

Data Scientists Are in High Demand

The increasing need for people who can interpret and understand data means that Data Scientists and Analysts are in very high demand across a range of industries.

At UNSW, our Data Science and Decisions graduates are trained to meet the growing demand for Data Scientists and Analysts in Australia and across the globe.

Our degree opens a pathway to exciting careers as:

  • business systems analysts
  • customer success managers
  • data analysts
  • database administrators
  • forecast modellers
  • risk analysts.

What Our Students Say

"My favourite part about the Data Science and Decisions degree was that I could customise it to fit my interests. I got to pick electives from a pool that contains everything from software construction to calculus to Economic Game Theory. This has allowed me to follow my passion for mathematics while also building on my newly discovered love of coding, and then I get to throw a bit of economics into the mix!"

- Jessica Boyle, Data Science and Decisions graduate.

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