Abiding by UNSW Science exam rules will give you the best chance to perform well. Find out more about calculator approval, exam venues, and our exam guide. 

Exams can be a demanding time for everyone. You need to organise yourself to arrive on time, at the correct venue, and abide by all the important exam rules.

We’ve come up with a useful guide that will help you with everything related to all your exams. 

You’re permitted to bring a calculator for use in your exams when indicated on the exam timetable. But you need to make sure that your calculator carries the official ‘UNSW Approved’ sticker. If you do not have this approval, you’ll not be able to use the calculator during your exam.  

You can have your calculator approved at the Nucleus Student Hub

UNSW now operates under a ‘Fit to Sit/Submit’ rule for all assessments. 

Sickness, misadventure or other circumstances beyond your control may prevent you from completing one or more of your exams or assessments.  

If you’d like to submit an application for special consideration for an exam or assessment, the application must be submitted prior to the start of the exam or before an assessment is submitted. 

If you sit the exam/submit an assignment, you’re declaring yourself well enough to do so and cannot subsequently apply for special consideration. 

UNSW has a centralised online procedure for special consideration applications. The application must be made via online services in myUNSW.  

Supporting Documentation for Special Consideration 

You must obtain and attach supporting documentation with the application. Failure to do so may result in the application being rejected.  

You don’t need to supply the original or certified copies of the supporting documentation. UNSW will verify a percentage of all documentation directly with the original source. 

Exception to Special Consideration Process 

There may be times when you encounter a situation, which is so significant or personal that you don’t want to use the special consideration procedures. 

In a case like this, you may prefer to contact the University Health Service, Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Student Support Advisors, a manager or academic adviser at the Science Student Centre.  

NOTE: It’s always important to let the university know if there is anything that may affect your ability to continue your studies. 

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