The Bachelor of Vision Science at UNSW studies the sensory processes that underlie vision, and the development and use of vision-related technologies. This degree is designed to develop scientists who can work with ophthalmic industries in the development of new technologies, diagnostic instruments, and patient care options, as well as develop individuals who can liaise with ophthalmic practitioners dealing with the patient directly.

Students who complete this degree may be eligible to apply for the Master of Clinical Optometry degree or an additional honours year of study.

How to Structure Your Degree

Students of the Bachelor of Vision Science complete 24 courses taken over three years if studying full-time.

Choosing Your Courses

There are lots of compulsory courses in the Vision Science program, so you should follow the degree structure outlined in the UNSW Handbook closely.

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TIP: When using the Handbook always select the year you commenced studying Science at UNSW and follow those rules throughout your degree.