Scholarships, Prizes & Awards

At UNSW, we pride ourselves on rewarding excellence and making university life accessible to students from all walks of life. Whether you’re a local or international student, our range of scholarships, prizes and awards can support your journey.

Supporting Student Excellence in Science

With several one-off and continuing scholarships, we support undergraduate students in their studies at UNSW by providing financial assistance to help them fulfil their potential. We also have scholarships for high school leavers, rural and Indigenous Australian students.

We assist postgraduate researchers with a range of prestigious scholarships with annual stipends, living allowances, tuition fee costs, travel scholarships and supplements. Our scholarships support both current and new postgraduate research candidates.   

For more information on fees for Postgraduate Research students or detailed information about domestic, international, travel and other discipline related scholarships, visit UNSW Graduate Research Scholarships

Prizes & Awards

UNSW Science offers several prizes and awards to recognise academic achievement across a wide range of subject areas including Aviation, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Psychology and more.   

Browse UNSW Prizes to discover more awards in the Faculty of Science and determine what prizes you may be eligible for.  

Science Dean's Award

Once a year, we acknowledge the outstanding performance of a select number of students, by awarding 100 high-performing undergraduates with a Science Dean’s Award for academic excellence.  Ranking is based on cumulative weighted average mark (WAM) across the previous calendar year (all teaching periods) with an inclusive gender lens applied.

Who’s Eligible?

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate science program (including dual degrees) who have, at the end of the previous year: 

  • Successfully completed at least 36 units of credit (UOC) total
  • Completed a minimum 24 UOC science courses

Awards are not available to students who: 

  • Have recorded a late withdrawal (AW) grade 
  • Have completed an honours year* 

*Honours students, instead, are considered for Honours and the University Medal in their final year. 

UNSW Science offers several summer vacation research scholarships to currently enrolled undergraduate students who are considering continuing their studies at postgraduate research level. 

We offer the UNSW Science PhD Maternity Scholarship to help bridge the gap during maternity leave, supporting women PhD research students while they suspend their enrolment to have a child. 

The UNSW Science PhD Writing Scholarship aims to increase publication rates and better prepare Science graduates for the job market by offering financial support between the submission of their thesis and the examiners’ reports. 

UNSW Science provides the opportunity for Australian undergraduates to undertake up to one academic year in an approved Indo-Pacific Host Location. The Australian Government initiative includes provision for relevant language studies, internship/mentorship and community engagement components.