UNSW Master of Data Science and Decisions will equip you with the deep expertise to extract meaning from vast amounts of data, making you a key player in today’s job market.

You will gain advanced knowledge and skills in Data Science across three areas: mathematics and statistics, computer science and economics. There are also four specialisations available - Computational, Business, Behavioural or Quantitative Data Science and Decisions - ensuring a deep knowledge in your selected area. You’ll also develop superior research and communication skills through project work.

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Learn From Outstanding Educators

Benefit from the expertise of outstanding educators across three different UNSW Schools:

  • The award-winning School of Mathematics & Statistics in the Faculty of Science
  • School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Economics in the Faculty of Business.

Your career

Data scientists are required to look at the big picture, be guided by what they see, and share the vision. Networking, building relationships, strategic thinking and attention to detail are essential to success in this field and an increasing number of women are entering the industry.

There is currently an extraordinary demand around the world for data science skills - Data Scientist is the number one ranked job in CareerCast.com’s 2019 Jobs Rated Report. In Australia, businesses are forecast to increase their investment in analytics capabilities by 75% in the next few years.

Prepare yourself for excellent employment opportunities in industries as varied as health, defence, finance, transport and logistics, to agriculture, media and technology.

UNSW’s Master Data Science and Decisions will place you directly on the path to great employment opportunities and salary potential in tomorrow’s workforce.

What Our Academics Say

We live in the Big Data era: we collect data everywhere, meaning that the world contains an unimaginably vast amount of digital information. Extracting the wealth of information that such data contain produces huge benefits for the society as a whole, but it is a very challenging task which requires skills and training. Data statisticians are the people with that expertise, which explains why they have become key players in today’s job market.

- Dr Gery Geneens, Director Postgraduate Studies, UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics.

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