Sustainability and environmental management have become crucial issues, presenting significant opportunities and challenges for contemporary business, government and civil society.

The UNSW Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management is a 1-year full-time (or equivalent part-time) postgraduate degree which examines the complex relationship between humans and the environment. The program covers some of the main decision-making frameworks and tools relevant to managing the environment and is designed to be taken by specialists or& non-specialists from a wide range of disciplines and interests.

Customise Your Degree

This flexible program includes disciplinary topics including Engineering Fundamentals, Physical Science Fundamentals, Field Ecology and Protected Area Management. Electives cover a wide range of areas including energy, water and transport management, law and policy, and environmental reporting and information systems. 

Lectures and seminars are usually scheduled in the evening, allowing flexibility for those who work during the day.

Leading Research

With world-renowned researchers and academics, UNSW is an international leader in environmental sustainability research. Our innovative research and interdisciplinary teaching approach allow us to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

Your Career

The broad range of study allows you to custom design the degree to suit your specific needs and future career path. It suits those already in the field who want to upskill, those looking for a career change into environmental management or anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of environmental issues.

What Our Students Say

"[Environmental Management] is the reflection of what I am looking for in life. Diverse, dynamic, challenging. A program that drives through almost all disciplines created by the human species. To me, being an environmental lawyer was not enough. I wanted to become an environmental professional”

Alejandro Ruiz, Chief Justice at the Environmental Court, Santiago, Chile, Environmental Management alumnus

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