The UNSW Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers is a program designed for current qualified high school science and mathematics teachers wanting accreditation to teach physics.

Graduates from this program can confidently present core physics concepts to Australian high school students. It enables you to teach physics with flair and make the subject matter exciting and relevant to your students. 

A Course For Working Teachers 

This course is designed to be part-time and flexible, so you can study while working full-time. Lecture material for the Graduate Certificate course is delivered online through a dedicated secure teaching portal.

 The first course is a general introduction to physics. The remaining three courses focus on giving high school teachers an in-depth understanding of the different branches of physics, such as: 

  • mechanics  
  • electromagnetism 
  • thermal physics  
  • modern physics.

The courses in this graduate certificate are designed to be taken at a rate of one per semester. 


Your Career 

The Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers will give you the best preparation to broaden your expertise and open new career opportunities in secondary science teaching. On completion of this degree, you will be able to apply for accreditation with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to teach secondary science physics. Hours spent on this program count towards NESA accredited PD hours.

What Our Academics Say 

“Physics is the fundamental science. It’s about trying to understand the way the laws of nature work. Physics is about taking those laws and applying them to society. It’s the really big picture science. It’s about applying it to technology, to society, to civilisation.” 

- Prof. Michael G Burton, UNSW School of Physics 

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You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.