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UNSW Science degrees prepare you for future leadership opportunities in the growth area of the STEM workforce. With STEM skills in demand, our degrees provide you with the knowledge to succeed in the workforce. By bringing together a range of subject areas including Health, Environmental, Materials and Fundamental Sciences, you’ll have the flexibility to study what interests you the most and is best aligned with your future goals and career plans.

At UNSW, we put our students at the centre. Learn more about how UNSW strives for a great and holistic student experience.


We offer flexible single and double degrees so you can explore a variety of science subjects before specialising. We also have a range of highly commended specialist degrees in areas including Aviation, Optometry and Psychology. With 18 undergraduate degrees to choose from, you can follow your interests and pave your way to a rewarding future.

We’re at the forefront of many new developments in science and offer superior programs and research opportunities. In an economy increasingly dominated by science and technology, there’s soaring demand for scientists who will flourish in well-rewarded careers. Our postgraduate degrees will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Our researchers are global thought leaders. When you join us, you’re connecting with passionate thinkers who use research to transform the world we live in. Your fellow students will be inquisitive high achievers, attracted by our international reputation and the high ranking of our scientific research schools.

We offer a range of online courses, giving you the freedom to customise your timetable and study when it suits you. Our flexible study options also allow you to fast-track your degree with intensive courses over the summer or winter break.

Future Students

UNSW Science gives students the space to discover their own path. We provide you with career-focused degrees that will prepare you for tomorrow’s workforce and a supportive, inclusive environment to help you flourish. Whether it’s broadening your general knowledge, pursuing postgraduate research or upskilling to take the next steps in your career, UNSW Science will help you achieve an exciting and fulfilling future.

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International students at UNSW O-Week

International Students

We’re the university of choice for thousands of students from around the world. Our graduates are successful in getting jobs and developing careers in all areas of industry, research and business. We’re passionate about equipping you to contribute to the world.

View our key dates and events, areas of interest, global opportunities and much more.

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Scholarships, Prizes & Awards

UNSW provides scholarships to help students of all circumstances reach their educational goals. Our short-term awards, grants and other forms of student support can help you realise your dreams of studying at Australia’s global university. Our scholarships are available for local and international students, including high school leavers, other future students and current UNSW students.

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2019 Awardees of the inaugural Science Student EDI Award at UNSW
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Student Resources

Choosing a program or enrolling at a university can be overwhelming – but don’t worry, you won’t be doing it alone. We'll support you with general program advice, enrolment queries, student visas and any essential information you’ll need throughout your studies. Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, we’re happy to assist.

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Based in the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, we offer the perfect environment to study, socialise and make connections that will last a lifetime. Check out our science societies, internships and peer mentoring programs to get all the support you need.

Scientists can be found working in a range of roles from the Data Scientist to the less obvious Venture Capitalist. Our science graduates are equipped with the skills to succeed in a range of career pathways. A career in STEM opens more doors than you expect.