SCIF2199 Assessment

Work placements help you gain valuable work experience in a science or technology-related workplace relevant to your studies. This information covers how your UNSW Science work placement is assessed based on your professionalism, e-portfolio and assignment.

  • This course is non-graded. You’ll receive either satisfactory or unsatisfactory grading upon completion.
  • 6 units of credit.

1. Supervisor Report on Student Professionalism 10%

Placement supervisors will be asked to assess your professionalism at the end of the placement and provide feedback. You must receive a satisfactory report from the workplace supervisor to satisfactorily complete the course. You and your supervisor are required to complete and submit a placement plan at the beginning of the placement, outlining the activities and goals. You’ll have opportunity to discuss your progress, review goals and gain feedback on your performance in the mid and final placement review with your supervisor.

You will also discuss your performance and any challenges associated with your placement with the course coordinator and with other students using an online discussion forum.

2. Placement Portfolio 70%

Through self-evaluation, you'll create an e-portfolio of evidence. This is to showcase what you’re learning, and how you’ve developed as a professional through this experience. This e-portfolio will have a requirement of a minimum number of posts during the placement and must include a CV. You will also report on your employment experience using critical reflection and the STAR framework from the compulsory online module.

Your e-portfolio will also contain a logbook of placement hours and activities. The purpose of the e-portfolio is for you to demonstrate that you have met the course learning outcomes and graduate attributes. You must satisfactorily complete this assessment task to receive a satisfactory grade for the course.

Each component of the portfolio is assessed with a task specific assessment rubric. Individual feedback will be given based on your ability to reflect on your placement experience, describe your achievements and contributions.

3. Online Interactive Module Assignment 20%

A compulsory online module must be completed satisfactorily to pass the course. The module prepares you for your placement. The module will involve 12 hours of work for the student. At the end of each sub-module there will be a set of online assessment tasks. If you do not complete them satisfactorily the sub-module will not be marked off as completed. The module will be interactive and self-paced. The answers will be marked and feedback provided as you progress through the module.