UNSW Student Exchange offers you the opportunity to gain credit towards your degree while you’re studying and travelling overseas. 

You can choose to study at one of our 300 partner universities in exciting destinations all over the world. Immerse yourself in a new culture, meet new friends, develop your confidence and grow your global networks with this life-changing overseas study opportunity. 

UNSW has an amazing exchange program, offering you new experiences in global cities and far-flung corners of the world. 

UNSW Student Exchange has all the information you need to start your overseas study adventure. 

Useful Course Codes for Science Exchange

The following UNSW Science Course codes may be helpful when applying for your exchange. 

Science Electives

Science 6 UoC Level 1   SCIF6106             
Science 12 UoC Level 1   SCIF6112
Science 18 UoC Level 1 SCIF6118
Science 6 UoC Level 2 SCIF6206
Science 12 UoC Level 2 SCIF6218
Science 18 UoC Level 2 SCIF6218
Science 6 UoC Level 3 SCIF6306
Science 12 UoC Level 3 SCIF6312

Science International Program Electives

Global Directed Elective 6 UoC Level 1 SCIF6001                              
Global Directed Elective 12 UoC Level 1 SCIF6002
Global Directed Elective 6 UoC Level 2 SCIF6003
Global Directed Elective 12 UoC Level 2 SCIF6004

Free Electives

Non-Science 6 UoC Level 1 SCIF0106               
Non-Science 12 UoC Level 1 SCIF0112                 
Non-Science 18 UoC Level 1 SCIF0118
Non-Science 24 UoC Level 1 SCIF0124
Non-Science 6 UoC Level 2 SCIF0206
Non-Science 12 UoC Level 2 SCIF0212

General Education

6 UoC General Education (Level 1)  GENZ2000           
12 UoC General Education (Level 1)   GENZ3500