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Partnering with the School of Material Science and Engineering, UNSW Science offers you the opportunity to undertake a research internship in Taiwan. 

You’ll undertake a 150-hour research internship during your summer break at one of:

  • National Chaotung University
  • National Taiwan University
  • National Tsinghua University
  • Tunghai University.

You’ll also receive 6 units of credit towards your science degree (SCIF2041, SCIF3041 or SCIF2199).

Students from Materials Science and Engineering and UNSW Faculty of Science are welcome to apply. 

  • Experience the global nature of scientific research 
  • Gain critical research skills  
  • Develop international contacts in your research field of interest 
  • Gain credits towards your degree (subject to approval) 
  • Complete a maximum of 30 days of non-traditional placement towards your industrialtraining requirement (for Bachelor of Materials Science & Engineering students only). 
  • 150-hour, 8-week research internship 
  • Research project and academic supervision arranged for you 
  • Optional Chinese language course 
  • 6 UoC credit-bearing course SCIF2041 or SCIF3041 Science Research Internship 
  • You may apply for this placement as SCIF2199 credit (subject to approval by Faculty of Science) 
  • $2000 scholarship for Australian citizens and permanent residents. 

You can choose to apply for one of four universities:  

  1. National Chaotung University NCTU (both Science and Materials Science students) 
  2. National Taiwan University NTU (Materials Science students only) 
  3. National Tsinghua University NTHU (Materials Science students only) 
  4. Tunghai University THU (both Science and Materials Science students). 

Note: Chinese students can only apply for THU and / or NCTU. 

  • You need to do your own research into the universities and select the most appropriate option for research and personal preferences.  
  • Students who are studying majors in the School of BEES are only eligible to apply for Tungahi University.   
  • Students completing majors in the Schools of BABS, SOMS, Chemistry, Maths and Statistics, and Physics may apply for either university.  
  • There are no relevant projects for Psychology or Vision Science major students.  
  • International students and postgraduate students will not be qualified for the NCP scholarship, but may be considered on a self-funded basis.   

Students from all science programs are welcome to apply.  

Students in non-advanced science programs are eligible for SCIF2041 credit; advanced science students are eligible for SCIF2041 or SCIF3041 credit. To apply, students are expected to: 

  • have a credit WAM or higher 
  • have room in their program for SCIF2041/3041 (which can count as a science elective or free elective) 
  • be continuing their studies in term 1  
  • apply for a project related to their major of study. 

You must nominate one university, and 3 research areas offered by the university. A project and a supervisor will be negotiated for each student based on their research preference list.  

As part of the application process, you are asked to submit: 

  • a copy of your academic transcript  
  • a detailed CV  
  • a 250-word cover letter, outlining your motivation for taking part in the research internship program 
  • in your cover letter, say which university/s you want to be considered for placement& supervisor preference (if any). 

Students are selected based on academic history, ability to undertake self-guided study, and contributions to the UNSW community.