Steps to apply for SCIF2199

Step 1
You will need to start researching companies to intern for. 
Have a think about what sort of occupation or industry interests you and what kind of organisation (large and small) could offer this kind of experience. Ask your fellow students, academics, supervisors, family and friends if they know of any places you could contact within their networks and try to find a connection within the industry you are interested in. Networking is helpful when finding internships or even when looking for work after you finish your studies. Make sure the organisation you approach for a placement will be able to provide an experience that is relevant to your Science degree and desired career direction. 
Read at the following guidelines and helpful tips from the Careers & Employment office:
Step 2 
Once you have made contact with an organisation or company, you should send them the document called ‘Information for Internship Hosts’ and a link to this web page which will let them know of their responsibilities as a host. If they have any queries that you cannot find an answer to, please ask them to contact either the Science Student Centre or the Course Convenor and they will be able to advise them further. 
Step 3
If you have managed to confirm a host organisation (congratulations!) you will need to download the ‘Work Placement Agreement’ form and complete your application for the SCIF2199 subject. Once you have completed the form it MUST be sent to the Science Student Centre.
You can submit your form here or visit the Science Student Centre in person
Step 4
After your application has been submitted, please wait until we contact you directly advising you of your approval for the subject. It may take a while for the legal documentation to be completed. If you have not heard from anyone for a few weeks, please send a brief email to the Science Student Centre and we will follow this up for you. 
Step 5 
You cannot enrol yourself into the SCIF2199 subject through the normal enrolment process. The enrolment team will MANUALLY enrol you into the internship subject once the approval has been confirmed by the Course Convenor. This means that, as you are required to re-enrol, you MUST INSTEAD enrol into your ‘second’ choice subject in the meantime to hold a place. This subject can be one that you would choose to do if for some reason you were not able to do the SCIF2199 subject. 
Overseas Internships
If you have found a host organisation that is overseas, please send an email to the Science Student Centre as soon as possible, as there are additional Health and Safety checks that must be made before signing the agreement.
If you choose to apply for a Science internship that is overseas through a third party, please send an email to the Science Student Centre as soon as possible. If you are successful in obtaining a placement through a third party for SCIF2199, there is possible financial assistance available to you through both government and university initiatives. We can provide this information to successful applicants.