STEM for Teachers

Depth Studies Resources


These are free, pre-prepared depth study resource packs that you can use your class. Typical content includes detailed instructions for first hand investigations, sample data, suggestions for research, teacher notes, links to resources and current research, assessment rubrics and more.

Several Year 11 depth studies are now available.  Year 12 depth studies will be added during 2018.

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Excursions to UNSW


School of Physics:
Bring your year 11 or 12 Physics class to UNSW to conduct experiments in our first year laboratory, visit a working Physics lab (depending on availability) and/or hear talks by our academics about their research.  Experiments are tailored towards depth studies and/or various dot points. 

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Museum of Human Disease:
The Museum of Human Disease, part of the Faculty of Medicine, is available for school visits.

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Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers


We have a graduate certificate course for current science teachers who want to learn and qualify to teach Physics.  It is run predominately online and comprises of four courses that can be completed over one or two years.

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Professional Development:

UNSW Science is producing a series of online professional development (PD) courses. They are low coast and NESA accredited.  Currently available courses cover a variety of topics in Physics and Mathematics.

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General Enquiries


If you have any general enquires about ways that UNSW Science can assist you in your teaching, please contact us at