If you love telling the story of science as much as you love science itself, then Marketing and Communication may be the right career choice for you. Increasingly part of the team behind science breakthroughs, communication professionals have the job of explaining science to the public, the government, within organisations and to other researchers.

Science communication can be a rewarding use of your skills and experiences if you’re a people person with an eye for the details in the data. A UNSW Science degree builds a foundation of technical expertise to support your career in Marketing and Communication.

Careers in Marketing & Communications 

Well-crafted communication plays an important part in establishing a dialogue between vital research and society; the right message can be a strong influence on how a project is perceived by stakeholders. People who excel at science communication have a passion for telling people from all walks of life about the benefits of science. Marketing skills are central to devising communications strategies to sell research in the crowded marketplace of ideas.

You might be explaining recent weather events in a press release, briefing a government representative on a public health or environmental policy decision, developing a communications strategy inside a large science organisation, selling the benefits of new product to potential investors in a startup or helping a scientist present their research at a conference with their peers.

Science communicators can also be found working in social media marketing, curating or designing museum exhibitions, or editing and writing science publications. All of these roles require a skilled communicator who can match the message with the audience.

Relevant Roles

  • Communications Manager 
  • Social Media Producer 
  • Public Relations Manager 
  • Market Researcher 
  • Marketing Manager 
  • Product Manager 
  • Copywriter 
  • Science Communicator 
  • Museum Curator 
  • Science Journalist 

Career Paths at UNSW

You don’t need to be an expert in every scientific field, but professional science communicators should have a background in a broad range of scientific disciplines. To succeed, communicators must have the ability to talk, answer questions and write about aims and scientific outcomes in language that can be understood by a general audience.

Science degrees offer you flexibility, with a wide range of learning which can be great if you’re planning a career in marketing and communications. You’ll have a range of subjects to understand scientific principals and methods, while becoming a confident speaker, writer and listener, skills which are easily transferrable to the job market

UNSW Science offers undergraduate study in a wide range of majors to foster your Science skills. From Science fundamentals like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics to wider methodologies such as Data Science, Life Sciences and Material Sciences, you’ll find something to specialise in. If you’re unsure where your interests lie, you won’t need to declare your major until your second year, which will give you time to explore, satisfy your curiosity and find the path for future study later. 

Widening your skills-set with a double degree is an invaluable way of approaching the communications and marketing professions. Double degrees are designed to combine your interest in science with study in other faculties. Many programs of study in Law, Education, Arts and Social Sciences focus on communication skills.

If you’re keen on further pursuing specific interests, you can also take an Advanced Science degree. If you add an honours component to your undergraduate degree, you’ll be able to do a piece of original research in your chosen area.

Many successful communication professionals reinforce their professional standing with postgraduate study.
You can strenghen your science expertise with our Specialised Masters:

Our Master of Science (Professional) can provide you with valuable advanced leadership and professional skills including Science Communication, Entrepreneurship & Commercialisation, and Leading Science for Impact. 

Where our Graduates Work


"Studying a Bachelor of Science allowed me to explore a broad-range of subjects that helped set me up for my future career. I began my career working as an Education Officer for CSIRO. After 6 years there, I then turned to YouTube to fill a gap in the science curriculum - sharing the incredible world of brain science! Following early success on YouTube, the American Public Broadcast Service (PBS) commissioned ongoing seasons of my show BrainCraft which saw me relocate to New York City. BrainCraft now has over 500k subscribers on YouTube and I've been able to host and produce various other shows for some of the most trusted brands in science and education. Right now I'm working on a reality TV series about the science of sleep."

Vanessa Hill – STEM YouTuber and Executive Producer at BrainCraft Studios
UNSW Bachelor of Science alumni