Information Technology (IT) is a dynamic and expanding industry that’s critical to the growth of the economy. The success of the world’s biggest companies – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google – is underpinned by IT, and the next generation of large companies – Spotify, Netflix and Uber – are all focusing on technological development. Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence to personalise the user’s journey or the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide integrated experiences, IT is creating innovation on a grand scale. 

The considerable growth of eCommerce, mobile apps, cloud computing, health technologies means the workforce in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are expected to increase by 2.3%**.

Careers in Information Technology

Information Technology involves the analysis, development, planning, creation and operating of computer hardware and software. Roles in the IT industry span across fields such as Cybersecurity, Information Systems, Computer Science, Data Science, Software Engineering, Analytics and Information Management, to name a few.

Relevant Roles

  • Software Engineer 
  • Game Developer 
  • Business Systems Analyst 
  • Computer Programmer 
  • Computer Scientist 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Project Manager 
  • Data Scientist

Career Paths at UNSW

IT is an ideal career path for those interested in technology, design and innovation. From startups to established companies, the career options in IT are many and varied. At UNSW Science, you will learn skills in programming languages, problem-solving, processing, interpreting and presentation of data using qualitative and quantitative techniques.