Healthcare is Australia’s largest and fastest-growing industry, currently employing over 1.7 million people. Due to the ageing population, this sector will continue to grow, seeing another 250,000 new jobs added by 2023**.

When we look at the healthcare industry, we see a vast range of products and services from pharmaceuticals and healthtech companies to hospitals and GPs. Today, advancements in technology are shaping the way healthcare products and services are viewed and delivered. The emergence of online-only companies and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are influencing the role of the healthcare professional. Now, patients can Skype their doctors, receive mental health services through apps or track their fitness with wearable devices.

Careers in Healthcare

The healthcare system covers a large range of services and products designed to improve people’s lives. Industry professionals work with people to care, diagnose, monitor, manage and treat everything from chronic disease to mental wellbeing. While some professionals focus on research and collecting data, others may conduct experiments or work with technology to enhance models of patient care. 

Health professionals can find work in both the private and public health sectors all over Australia, including rural and regional areas. Qualifications in Science will allow you to become a Health Practitioner and take on a diversity of roles.  

Relevant Roles

  • Environmental Health Officer  
  • Pharmacologist  
  • Clinical Geneticist 
  • Immunologist  
  • Paramedic 
  • Psychologist  
  • Therapist  
  • Optometrist  
  • Pharmacist 

Career Paths at UNSW

Healthcare is an ideal career path for people with a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and the community. To become a Healthcare Practitioner, you’ll need to choose a health-related discipline and commit to further medical studies in order to specialise.

The Bachelor of Life Sciences will give you transferable skills to pursue a career in the Healthcare sector. At UNSW Science, you can also specialise in Vision Science and Clinical Optometry, opening the door to more healthcare career opportunities.  

Depending on your majors, you can pursue many career paths within the Healthcare industry.

Where our Graduates Work

Paulette Barahona

"I discovered my passion towards genomics and scientific discovery whilst I was studying a Bachelor of Science (Genetics). Studying Science at UNSW has provided me with the fundamental skills to be an adaptive scientist in a dynamic work environment. I now apply my skills and knowledge to assist in paediatric cancer treatment selection to help improve patient outcomes."

Paulette Barahona - Senior Clinical Curation Scientist, Children's Cancer Institute
UNSW Bachelor of Science alumni