Environmental issues such as climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of modern world challenges and UNSW Science is home to globally recognised researchers and educators in these areas. Our cross-disciplinary research influences important government and industry policies.

There's now an enormous opportunity to make a positive impact in the Environment field through sustainable resource management and the development of materials that can be used for generations to come. It’s safe to say that jobs in Environmental fields are now more important than ever.

Careers in Environment 

Environmental careers are often multidisciplinary and can integrate many fields such as Physical, Biological and Information Sciences. Professionals not only study the environment and human impact, but they also explore solutions like renewable energy, natural resource management and sustainable development.

Environmental careers span across many different industries including Mining, Civil Engineering, Natural Resource Management, Government, Geology, Research and Teaching.

There are three main areas in the field of Environment: 

Earth Science 

Earth Scientists explore the nature, evolution and structure of our planet, studying everything from natural crystals to fossils and volcanoes. The study of Earth Science looks to predict the future of our planet based on known environmental patterns like weather and tectonic plate movement.  

At UNSW Science, you can become an expert in this field by specialising in the major: Earth Science

Environmental Science 

Environmental Science analyses and provides solutions to current environmental challenges including waste management, climate change and pollution. To protect the planet, Environmental Scientists study, develop and advise on future policies. These policies can be embedded within Government legislation to ensure the survival of flora, fauna and other natural resources.

At UNSW Science, you can study the Bachelor of Environmental Management or further specialise in this field with our honours program

Marine Science 

Marine Scientists have a deep understanding of the ocean and marine life. By observing the interactions of marine plants and animals with coastal areas and the atmosphere, Marine Scientists can help preserve ecosystems.

At UNSW Science, you can specialise in Marine Science through a major in your bachelor or a  masters degree.

Relevant Roles

  • Climate Scientist 
  • Meteorologist  
  • Geologist  
  • Geophysicist  
  • Hydrologist  
  • Ecologist  
  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Natural Resource Manager  
  • Marine Scientist  
  • Marine Biologist  
  • Environmental Scientist

Career Paths at UNSW

If you enjoy scientific reasoning and you want to make an impact on the world, then a job in Environment is the right path for you. At UNSW Science, our core degree is the Bachelor of Environmental Management, designed for undergraduates who want a thorough understanding of Environmental Science.

Our graduates demonstrate skills in observing, analysing, experimenting and discovering the world around us.