Consultancy is a large and growing section of the economy. People employed as consultants provide advice to businesses, government, not for profit and other sections of the economy. They give high-level direction on the ways an organisation is managed and run, on projects and products, and on strategic-level decision making.

Consulting in Australia is dominated by the ‘big four’ firms - Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC – which provide most of the consultancy services to Australian organisations. A group of smaller companies – BCG, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Accenture, Grant Thornton - take up a large slice of the remainder.  

Careers in Consulting 

Consultants are often hired by firms facing specific problems that require a solution over a short period of time. For example, a company may need scientific advice about a new product that can be manufactured or marketed, how to develop and implement environmental policies, or how to implement a change in legal regulations that affect the company.

As well as having scientific expertise, consultants need to have a flexible approach to work, must be able to work in a team, make connections in new work environments quickly, be adaptable and manage their own work and time.   

Career Paths at UNSW

Science degrees at UNSW offer you flexibility, with a wide range of learning that is ideal if you’re planning a career in consulting. The skills you’ll learn will be transferable into the workplace.

UNSW Science undergraduate degrees feature a wide variety of majors, from fundamental sciences, like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics to wider applications and methodologies, like Data Science, Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences. If you're unsure what you want to specialise in, you won’t need to declare your major until your second year, so you can satisfy your curiosity and find the path for future study at a later date.  

No matter what area you pursue in your studies, there is an opportunity to delve into consulting within your subject of expertise with a specialist Degree. 

The Bachelor of Science and Business also offers a specific business focus which can be advantageous for a career in consulting. 

Undergraduate Science degrees can be paired with other non-Science areas to foster a wide range of highly marketable consulting skills in disciplines such as Computing, Social Sciences, Humanities, Accounting, Law and Education. These are known as 'Double Degrees’ and can be particularly useful if you're thinking of a career in consulting.

We offer postgraduate study options to help you extend your professional expertise. Many consulting firms offer higher salaries for those with postgraduate qualifications and often contribute and cover the cost of completing a postgraduate degree.  

UNSW Science offers Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas in a flexible online format, so that you can fit study around your work commitments.  

Hone specific areas of expertise with our Masters degrees: 

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