The Banking and Financial Services sector is an important area of the Australian economy. The sector covers banking, broking, insurance, financial advice, fund management, superannuation and mortgage broking among many other large business functions.

UNSW Science offers a range of degrees and courses that can prepare you for a career in Banking and Financial Services, with skills in data science, mathematics, statistics, systems design and problem solving that will give you an edge in the highly competitive industry.

Careers in Banking & Financial Services 

Most Australians are in some way dependent on the work of those in banking or financial services, through managing mortgages, superannuation, investment portfolios or other financial products.

Jobs in the sector are often with one of the ‘big 4’ banks – the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac or ANZ - which employ roughly half of the industry, or smaller banks, credit unions and other financial organisations, such as mortgage lenders, insurance companies, financial advisors and brokerages.

Banking and financial services professionals may have a range of skills and specialisations such as computing, people management, project management, problem-solving, communication skills and detailed planning.

One common thread in all banking and financial services occupations is a deep understanding of mathematics. For example, people mathematics and data science specialisations analyse the numbers behind investments, seeking a competitive edge. Successful candidates discover new opportunities to apply their skills to financial innovation.

Relevant Roles

  • Accountant
  • Investment Advisor
  • Fund Manager
  • Banker
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Share Trader
  • Actuary
  • Data Scientist
  • Company Secretary
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Chief Finance Officer 

Career Paths at UNSW

There are a range of ways to approach a career in Banking and Financial Services. UNSW Science offers career paths with degrees in mathematics and data science. If you're interested in STEM subjects, leadership and project management, and creative problem solving, then a career in Banking and Financial Services may right be for you.

Our courses are strongly aligned with industry through UNSW’s close ties with organisations in the finance sector. Our career events including Business Connect and Investment Banking and Consulting Week will give you the opportunity to connect with financial firms throughout your studies.

The Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) will provide you with great knowledge and skills for a career in Banking and Financial Services. Alternatively, you could enrol in the Bachelor of Science and choose Mathematics as a major.

The Bachelor of Science and Business offers a specific business focus which can be advantageous for a career in Banking and Financial Services.

We offer a range of Double degrees, where Science subjects can be done alongside business and other financial subjects including Actuarial Studies.

You can advance your career in the Banking and Financial Services sector with financially focused postgraduate degrees.  

You can also complete the Master of Data Science which offers which is offered in an online flexible format, allowing you to tailor your studies around work commitments if you're already a finance professional. 

Where Our Graduates Work


"I decided to become an Actuary whilst studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Statistics at UNSW. It seemed the perfect career to apply my Statistical knowledge and, as Maths is universal, also allowed me to work internationally. Many other Actuaries I've met started as Maths or Physics students. My current role is to lead a team of Actuaries to forecast the capital position and the value of known and future claims for one of Australia's largest General Insurers."

Adrian Korbel - Executive Manager Actuarial at Suncorp
UNSW Bachelor of Science alumni