Standard vs Higher Courses

Some of our Chemistry, Maths and Physics courses are offered at a more challenging level. If you’re a UNSW Science student choosing your subject levels, this information can help.

Which Level of Chemistry, Maths or Physics? 

Some courses (subjects) offer "higher" versions for students for two reasons: 

  • it may be compulsory for a particular major because a higher level of knowledge is required 
  • students may simply like the topic, excel in it, and would like an extra challenge.  

These "higher" courses are not more highly weighted, nor do they give you any extra bonus points. In your first year, Maths, Physics and Chemistry have various levels on offer. If you're studying Human Biology majors, for example, these usually require standard maths courses. On the other hand, Mathematical Science majors require higher level Maths courses to be completed.  

Need Help Choosing a Course?  

We have provided some guidance to help you decide on the best level for you. 

Need a Bridging Course?

UNSW Science offers bridging courses in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  

These short courses are designed to strengthen your knowledge in key areas required for your first year of study. 

If you would like to learn more about bridging courses, please visit our UNSW Bridging Courses page.