Science EDI Support Funds, Awards & Scholarships

The Equity Diversity and Inclusion Support Funds enable an equitable place of work and study which stimulates innovation, productivity, and progress, allowing staff and students to realise their potential regardless of background. These support funds will assist applicants in removing the barriers they may face when wanting to further their studies and/or career.

For eligibility and how to apply, please refer to the guides below.

Enable Fund

The purpose of the Enable Fund is to assist with career enhancement for staff with primary carer responsibilities (this includes childcare, maternity leave/parental leave, disability care of another, care of parent or spouse.)

Example of funding: The costs for airfares are covered for an individual to accompany a staff member to be the carer for a dependant during a proposed time away doing fieldwork.

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June Griffith Boost Award

The June Griffith Boost Award is designed to provide opportunities for women at Academic Levels C and D to develop and strengthen their research and provide teaching relief, preparing them for promotion to Levels D and E in the near future.

Example of funding: The costs of teaching relief are covered for a period of 2 weeks so an academic can participate in field research.

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Science Momentum Award

The purpose of the Momentum Award is to provide academic staff returning from carer’s leave (this includes childcare, maternity leave/parental leave, disability care of another, care of parent or spouse.) with relief from teaching and administration to write publications, grant applications and/or to provide access to research assistance.

Example of funding: The costs are covered to provide teaching relief for a period of two weeks so an academic can prepare and submit an Australian Research Council grant application.

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Science PhD Maternity Scholarship

The purpose of the Science PhD Maternity Scholarship is to support women PhD research students who suspend their enrolment to have a child. This scheme provides financial support from the Faculty of Science.

Example of funding: The support will be equivalent to any scholarship they are required to forgo (up to the value of a Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship at the time).

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Science Student EDI Awards

In 2019, six students were recognized for their contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion through our inaugural EDI awards. Names of recipients to be released shortly.


Other Central Funds