Maternity Scholarships


Faculty of Science Research Student Maternity Scholarships

Female PhD research students who suspend their enrolment for a session to have a child may apply for financial support from the Faculty of Science. The support will be equivalent to any scholarship they are required to forgo (up to a the value of an Australian Postgraduate Award at the time).

The aim is to cover income that might be lost due to maternity leave by a student where the scholarship does not already have a provision for such leave; the amount of Faculty scholarship will depend upon each student’s individual circumstances.


Requirements are that the student has been enrolled and receiving a scholarship for at least two terms prior to suspending their enrolment, have achieved confirmation of their candidature and have demonstrated good progress in their studies, through timely and satisfactory completion of reviews, as a minimum.

How to Apply

Students who are planning to suspend their enrolment to have a child should contact their School’s Postgraduate Coordinator (PGC). The PGC will determine the student’s eligibility and value of the Faculty Maternity Scholarship based upon the student’s current circumstances. They will then draft a scholarship proposal kit and forward to the Faculty Associate Dean (Research Training) who will complete the financial codes, endorse and forward to the Graduate Research School.

It is preferable if a request for suspension of enrolment is submitted at the same time. The Scholarship will usually be paid as a one-off payment prior to suspension of enrolment.