Intervention for older adults with memory complaints and vascular risk factors (AIBL Active study)

Themes: Intervention
This project aims to conduct a 36 month follow-up assessment of a 24-month intervention trial that evaluates the effectiveness of physical activity in delaying the progression of cognitive decline and cerebrovascular disease in dementia-free participants of the AIBL cohort. 
  • Cox, K. L., Cyarto, E. V., Ellis, K. A., Ames, D., Desmond, P., Phal, P., ... & You, E. (2018). A Randomized Controlled Trial of Adherence to a 24-Month Home-Based Physical Activity Program and the Health Benefits for Older Adults at Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease: The AIBL Active-Study. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, (Preprint), 1-19.