Intervention for middle – aged adults with high levels of cardiovascular risk in primary care (BBL-GP)

Themes: Intervention
The aim of this project is to compare an online risk reduction intervention to reduce risk of cognitive decline with a lifestyle modification in obese middle-aged adults in primary care. BBL-GP will evaluate and translate BBL to the primary care setting. Within primary care, a key population group for targeting with multi-domain risk reduction interventions are obese, middle-aged adults. Obesity in mid-life increases the risk of cognitive decline and doubles the risk of late-life dementia. BBL-GP engages participants in goal setting and behaviour change processes with the aim of reducing their overall risk profile for dementia. 
  • Kim, S., McMaster, M., Torres, S., Cox, K. L., Lautenschlager, N., Rebok, G. W., ... & Anstey, K. J. (2018). Protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of Body Brain Life—General Practice and a Lifestyle Modification Programme to decrease dementia risk exposure in a primary care setting. BMJ open, 8(3), e019329.