Facilities and Field Stations

The Faculty of Science at UNSW is host to and/or has access to many world-class research facilities and manages several field stations.




Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

The Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre houses major instrumentation used by researchers in the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Engineering for the study of the structure and composition of biological, chemical and physical materials.

The Centre contains 6 major Research Facilities accessible to all staff and students of UNSW, as well as to external researchers. Government and industry users are also welcome. Staff of the Centre provide research collaboration, technical support and training to researchers accessing the facilities.

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Bioanalytical Mass-Spectrometry Facility

The Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility is part of the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre. The BMSF’s upper and lower campus laboratories provide access to advanced instrumentation, expertise and training for UNSW, national as well as international research groups. Staff at the BMSF are recognised experts in mass spectrometry and its growing analytical applications. They engage in projects with many scientists, engineers and clinicians. BMSF staff also develop research enabling mass spectrometry based methods and technologies.

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Optics and Radiometry Laboratory

The Optics and Radiometry Laboratory (ORLAB) is operated jointly by the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales and NewSouth Global. ORLAB is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities for a range of services.

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Optometry Clinic

The Optometry Clinic is a teaching facility used for educating undergraduates and postgraduate optometry students in high quality optometric care of the patient. Because of our teaching role, we have a number of instruments which are state-of-the-art and assist us with patient management.

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Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics

The Ramaciotti Centre is a not-for-profit facility, delivering internationally competitive genomic services to the research community. The Centre is an experienced genomic and transcriptomic service provider to both academic and industry based research groups.

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Field Stations


Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Field Station

The Research Station has an outstanding national and international reputation for research about the arid lands from a range of disciplines in the physical and natural sciences, as well as the built environment, arts and humanities.

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Smith's Lake Field Station

The Field Station is mainly used by the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science, UNSW for the purpose of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students and for research purposes. Many other institutions also use the Field Station, ranging from local community groups, primary and high schools to other universities.