Early Career Scientists

The Faculty of Science is committed to supporting the ongoing development of post-doctoral and early career researchers in conjunction with the Researcher Development unit. For more information on UNSW-wide initiatives please visit the Early Career Academic Network (ECAN)

The Science Early Career Academic Network (Science ECAN) serves as a leadership and representative body for Early Career Academics (ECA'S) in the Faculty of Science. Specifically, the Committee aims to support ECAs by assisting them to:

  • Clarify their career directions and goals;
  • Learn from the experiences of academics at various levels in the Faculty of Science;
  • Build a network of colleagues from across the University and different discipline areas;
  • Think strategically about their individual priorities and how these fit into the Faculty of Science and broader University context; and
  • Access relevant resources for research, teaching and career development.

Enquires can be directed to

The UNSW Women in Maths and Science Champion Program is a development program to support our female research students and Early Career Scientists become Science communicators. There are two streams each year: PhD Students and Early Career Scientists employed within UNSW Science.

The Early Career Scientists stream of the Program is designed to provide women with the skills and confidence to build their public profile, make a positive impact to the broader science community and establish a connected network of women in maths and science.

More information about the Program can be found here and the Program schedule can be found here.

All enquires can be directed to Dr Jessica Stanley, Project Officer, Women in Maths and Science Champions Program,