Considering a Higher Research Degree?

UNSW is one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities with a strong international reputation.

The Faculty of Science at UNSW is at the forefront of many new scientific developments and is renowned for the exciting research and the quality of its postgraduate research students who are highly sought after.

As well as being able to undertake exciting research with world-leading supervisors, students receive opportunities for international travel, media training  and exposure. They receive great career preparation through valuable academic networks and industry links.

The diverse range of research conducted at UNSW Science covers areas ranging from predicting climate change to treating important human diseases.

Research at the Faculty of Science is undertaken through Schools, Research Centres and Field Stations.


To view the exciting opportunities on offer, and to find a potential supervisor, please take a look at our School links below:


Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences


Climate Change Research Centre

Materials Science and Engineering

Mathematics and Statistics

Optometry and Vision Science




Information for Domestic Applicants for PhDs and other research related programs:

Step 1: Contact a supervisor from the list of Schools above

Step 2: Apply for a Research Candidate Scholarship

Step 3: Apply for a Research Higher Degree Program


   Extra support for Science Research Students