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UNSW Science is at the forefront of many new developments. Our Faculty is renowned for the quality of our facilities, the networks and research centres we host, and the career development available to our graduate students.

Research Areas & Impacts

UNSW is one of Australia's leading research universities. Research conducted at UNSW Science covers an array of areas, from predicting climate change to treating human disease. Our research has impacts across a huge range of real-world applications.

Environmental Sciences researchers at UNSW study life in all of its complex and varied forms. We explore how environments function and how systems, from the smallest microbes to the whole of Earth, cope with change.

Fundamental Sciences at UNSW are the interdisciplinary specialisations that underpin all scientific and systematic research, from Microbiology and Genome Systems to Data Science and Astrophysics.

Health Sciences at UNSW include Biological and Medicinal Science and encompass the study of systems that contribute to improvements in human health.

Material Sciences at UNSW are at the leading edge of international research. Analysis and experimentation with materials take place in purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities.

Aviation research is a broad, multidisciplinary field underpinned by the specialist areas related to aviation operations, management and safety. UNSW Science is recognised by both industry and academia as a global leader in aviation research.

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Research Centres

UNSW Science research centres bring together knowledge from traditional discipline areas to address current world issues. 

Our research centres advance science through their work in areas such as clean water, renewable energy, human health and a sustainable environment.

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Opportunities for Research

UNSW Science provides students with a number of opportunities to encourage educational excellence in their chosen field of study. Students can participate in a variety of competitions and apply for several scholarships that will support their journey at UNSW Science.

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