Timothy Austin

Research Assistant

I work with the New South Wales moorings sub-facility of the nation wide Intergrated Marine Observing System (IMOS). Our aim is to collect a wide range of oceanographic data related to the East Australian Current and its movement away from the coast including measurements of temperature, salinity, velocity, and biogeochemical and bio-optical properties.  The sub-facility is responsible for the maintenance and delivery of data from eight regional moorings deployed off Coffs Harbour, Sydney and south towards Eden.


  • PhD "Flood-tide delta morphodynamics of a microtidal estuary on a wave dominated coast", Supervised by Prof Andrew Short and Dr Ana Vila-Concejo, USYD 2012
  • B EnvSc(Hons I), Physical Geography, UNSW 2006



Journal articles
Schaeffer A; Roughan M; Austin T; Everett JD; Griffin D; Hollings B; King E; Mantovanelli A; Milburn S; Pasquer B; Pattiaratchi C; Robertson R; Stanley D; Suthers I; White D, 2016, 'Mean hydrography on the continental shelf from 26 repeat glider deployments along Southeastern Australia', Scientific Data, vol. 3, http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/sdata.2016.70