Adil Siripatana

Adjunct Associate Lecturer


Conference Papers
Siripatana A; Jaroensutasinee K; Prueksaaroon S; Vannarat S, 2012, 'The development of interactive 3D spring visualization for periodic multidimensional direction time-series data sets', in 2012 9th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology, ECTI-CON 2012,
Journal articles
Siripatana A; Le Maitre O; Knio O; Dawson C; Hoteit I, 2020, 'Bayesian inference of spatially varying Manning’s n coefficients in an idealized coastal ocean model using a generalized Karhunen-Loève expansion and polynomial chaos', Ocean Dynamics, vol. 70, pp. 1103 - 1127,
Siripatana A; Kerry C; Roughan M; Souza JMAC; Keating S, 2020, 'Assessing the Impact of Nontraditional Ocean Observations for Prediction of the East Australian Current', Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, vol. 125,
Siripatana A; Giraldi L; Le Maître OP; Knio OM; Hoteit I, 2019, 'Combining ensemble Kalman filter and multiresolution analysis for efficient assimilation into adaptive mesh models', Computational Geosciences, vol. 23, pp. 1259 - 1276,
Siripatana A; Mayo T; Knio O; Dawson C; Maître OL; Hoteit I, 2018, 'Ensemble Kalman filter inference of spatially-varying Manning's n coefficients in the coastal ocean', Journal of Hydrology, vol. 562, pp. 664 - 684,
Siripatana A; Mayo T; Sraj I; Knio O; Dawson C; Le Maitre O; Hoteit I, 2017, 'Assessing an ensemble Kalman filter inference of Manning’s n coefficient of an idealized tidal inlet against a polynomial chaos-based MCMC', Ocean Dynamics, vol. 67, pp. 1067 - 1094,
Kadoura A; Siripatana A; Sun S; Knio O; Hoteit I, 2016, 'Single-site Lennard-Jones models via polynomial chaos surrogates of Monte Carlo molecular simulation', Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 144,