Science Undergraduate Student Course Evaluations

What is it? What does it do? 

This is the official webpage for student ratings of UNSW Undergraduate Science courses. Information is provided across eight of our teaching areas and schools relating to overall course satisfaction.

Why did we do this?

UNSW Science is committed to excellent and innovative teaching. Each semester we ask our students to rate the quality of our courses and teaching (CATEI). This feedback is used to improve the student learning experience across UNSW Science and beyond.

In an Australian first, we have taken the step to openly publish overall student satisfaction ratings for UNSW Science courses.

This website aims to:
  • Provide transparency in the quality of our teaching
  • Promote public accountability in maintaining high standards
  • Provide a tool to compare UNSW Science courses

While we celebrate that many of our courses have excellent satisfaction ratings, there are some courses that are in need of improvement. We look forward to working with our students, teachers and industry to do this.