Mr Paul Verschuer

General Manager, Financial Markets for the NSW Treasury Corporation 

Paul’s executive career spans 30 years, having commenced with Macquarie Bank in 1987. Paul led global financial markets businesses for Bankers Trust, Zurich Capital Markets and Westpac. Moving to the government sector in 2017, Paul currently manages Financial Markets for the NSW Treasury Corporation. The Treasury Corporation is the financial markets partner of the NSW public sector; financing government activity and managing the resultant 65 billion dollar balance sheet, and investing 90 billion dollars of funds into global markets as the States investment manager.

Paul is an advisor to the NSW Secretary of the Treasury through his membership of the NSW State ALCO. He also serves on the policy council of the Banking and Finance Oath (BFO) and is a member of the UNSW Science Advisory Council. Previous governance roles include four years as Chair of the Australian Foreign Exchange Committee (AFXC) for the Reserve Bank Australia, and as Australia’s representative at the annual Global Central Banks FX Committees meetings through the financial crisis. He spent three years as a Trustee of the Westpac Foundation, and three years as a member of the Governance Committee of the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA).

Paul is an alumni of UNSW, having completed a Bachelor of Science degree (Pure Mathematics) in 1987. Paul also holds an MA (Communication) and MIR (International Relations) from Macquarie University and has also completed the INSEAD Advanced Management Program in Fontainebleau, and the University of Cambridge Business and the Environment Program.