Mr John Barbagallo

Chief Executive Officer of Moly-Cop since 2013 

Moly-Cop is the global leader for the manufacture and supply of grinding media within businesses across North and South America and the Asia Pacific.

Moly-Cop also operates steel mini-mills in Canada and Australia, and supplies high quality railway wheels/axles, engineering steels and rebar products.

John is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA through the University of Queensland.

Following a career in mining, aluminium and steel manufacturing with Mt Isa Mines, Rio Tinto and OneSteel, John’s interests are in the application material science and engineering to improve efficiencies, technology utilisation and business collaboration to support sustainable business outcomes. The opportunity to engage, encourage and motivate individuals, management teams and research institutions to consider and develop and utilise new technologies is an area of interest. The association with UNSW and its Science Advisory Council provides an opportunity to stretch his thinking, consider new possibilities, improve business collaboration and involvement.