Mr Cameron Kerr

Director and Chief Executive, Taronga Conservation Society Australia 

Cameron commenced his career as an agricultural scientist in animal health. He joined the Taronga Conservation Society Australia in 2000, and has held various senior management positions responsible in life sciences, conservation, education, communications and stakeholder management. In his current role as CEO, Cameron has personally overseen a significant cultural and physical transformation of the Taronga organisation and its two zoos. A number of key milestones in Taronga’s development include initiating a national strategy for the Tasmanian Devil, being the lead agency for the Regent Honey Eater and Corroborree Frog breed and release programs; developing a youth zoo volunteer program that has now been adopted by a number of zoos across Australia; a major campaign against the illegal wildlife trade through in partnership with Google, TRAFFIC and recently San Diego Zoo Global. Taronga’s conservation science and field programs now span from the Republic of Congo to Tasmania.

Cameron is also Vice President of the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia, a Board Director of the International Rhino Foundation and past Chair of the accreditation organisation Ecotourism Australia. Cameron also sits on the Advisory Boards for the Sydney Institute of Technical & Further Education and the University of NSW Faculty of Science.