Advisory Council Terms of Reference


The Science Advisory Council (SAC) serves as an invaluable source of advice, support, information, market intelligence and challenge to the Dean of UNSW Science in pursuing UNSW Science’s vision as a globally renowned faculty. The SAC will provide guidance and support for strategically directed partnerships, education activities, outreach, brand and reputation awareness and enhancement, recruitment, innovation and the translation of profound scientific discoveries to benefit society.



SAC members are leaders in industry, government and academia who facilitate the achievement of UNSW Science’s objectives by engaging their professional networks, profile, energy, experience and reputation. The SAC provides opportunities to improve the impact, focus and quality of UNSW Science’s education, research and social engagement, including advice on national and global priorities for science education, outreach and research.


SAC members commit to: 

  • Provide advice on UNSW Science’s strategic plans and priorities

  • Build strong collaborative links (national and international) between UNSW Science and relevant industry, community, government and regulatory bodies

  • Increase the relevance of UNSW Science’s curriculum and research agendas

  • Raise the profile of, and build, the UNSW Science brand and reputation

  • Engage with students and alumni



The SAC convenes as a collective body three (3) times per year and establishes ad hoc working groups as required from time to time. SAC members commit to active engagement with UNSW Science and this would typically include one or more of the following activities:

  • Serve on a task force or working party to examine a specific issue

  • Mentor academic staff and/or research students

  • Facilitate research through access to data, people and/or information

  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and research output into practical application

  • Assist in the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students as well as staff

  • Develop and host events such as symposia, fora, conferences and alumni networking

  • Participate in fundraising and sponsorship activities.



Membership is determined by the Dean and reviewed annually. The Chair is appointed by the Dean from the SAC membership. The Chair oversees the organisation and affairs of the SAC. The Chair makes recommendations to improve the SAC’s value to UNSW Science and the University. Appointments are for periods up to 3 years (which can be renewed at the Dean’s discretion). Appointments will align with the academic year.



The Dean will report the SAC activities to the Vice Chancellor at least annually through the Faculty review process.