Science EDI Working Group


Lisa Williams (Chair, Psychology)

Emma Johnston (Dean of Science)

Adriana Verges (BEES)

Ajay Vijay (Optometry and Vision Sciences)

Clara Grazian (Mathematics and Statistics)

Paul Munroe (Material Sciences and Engineering)

Ruth Thomas (Chemistry)

Julie Hatfield (Aviation)

Kim-Vy Tran (Physics)

Brendan Burns (BABS)

Fatemeh Vafaee (WiRN)

Simin Fasoudi (WiRN)

Andrew Addie (EDI Project Officer Staff – Secretariat)

Tierney Marey (EDI Project Officer Students – Secretariat)

Ashneeta Prasad (Postgraduate Student Representative)

Marlize Nel (Undergraduate Student Representative)


EDI Project Officers 

The Science Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officers are responsible for facilitating, supporting and creating new initiatives, programs, guidelines and activities in the EDI space. They work closely with students and staff in the Faculty of Science to ensure that everyone has equitable opportunity to succeed regardless of background and can bring their full selves to work or study. They are happy to answer any questions regarding equity, diversity and inclusion.

Andrew Addie is responsible for the staff space whilst Tierney Marey focuses on students.


The Chair

Lisa Williams 


Role of the Chair 

The Chair is responsible for:  

  • Leadership of the Working Group 
  • Implementation of Faculty’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy
  • Providing strategic advice to the Dean and the working group regarding EDI initiatives and issues across UNSW 
  • Maintaining the vision, mission and values of the Faculty’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies and programs 
  • Ensuring that correct governance is provided to ensure the working group is effective in the discharge of its duties 
  • The efficient organisation and conduct of the working group’s function and meetings 
  • Facilitating the effective contribution of all members  
  • The promotion of constructive and respectful relations between working group members and between the EDI Board and management  
  • Attending and providing a written and a verbal report to the Faculty Board  
  • Attendance, as required by the Dean, at UNSW EDI Board and other relevant UNSW committees held at various locations within UNSW  
  • Ensuring that member engagement is ongoing, and relationships continue to be built
  • Overseeing the group’s evaluation processes and provide constructive feedback to individual members, EDI project officers as required 
  • Ensuring that the governance structures and processes are reviewed, evaluated and revised from time to time 
  • Committing the time necessary to discharge effectively his/her role as Chairperson 
  • The growth and sustainability of SEDIWG