2012 Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners and to the entrants who received special mentions.

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Category: People




Entrant:  Viyanna Leo

Title:  The final cuppa

Description:  Final cup of coffee before beginning our night work, tracking the brown hyena in the Makgadikgadi Desert in Botswana. Night shifts began at sunset and finished at sun rise.


Special Mention


Entrant:  Reuben Tang

Title:  A little touch of magic

Description:  Formulae in her biochemistry textbook fall into place and as she begins to understand: A touch of magic.



Special Mention


Entrant:  Campbell McKay

Title:  Free Wheelin’

Description:  Fellow student on a Soil Use Management Field Trip, sitting in the wheel of cotton harvester. He’s approximately 6"2.





Special Mention


Entrant:  Filippo Dall’Osso

Title:  Further Steps

Description:  Learning to use a differential GPS during a capacity-building project in North Africa, handling delicate and expensive equipment for the first time.


Category: Places




Entrant:  Prue Fabian

Title:  Floraville Fossil

Description:  Fossil jaw bone at Floraville Station, Northern Queensland, discovered by Dr Karen Black.


Special Mention


Entrant:  Ross Hill

Title: Native visitor

Description: A local pays Antarctic researchers a visit.


Special Mention


Entrant:  Campbell McKay

Title: Manufactured Landscape

Description: Sitting at the edge of an extensive water storage dam on a Narrabri cotton farm field trip, with a fetch so large that waves are created on its shoreline.



Category: Wonder




Entrant:  Josie van Dorst

Title:  Cold Realities

Description:  A sickly Macquarie Island King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) falls prey to a Brown Squa (Stercorarius antarcticus) in this confronting wildlife reality.


Special Mention


Entrant:  Emma Birdsey

Title:  Purple Stinger

Description:  Jellyfish, Pelagia noctiluca, taken at Coogee Beach


Special Mention


Entrant:  Nik Tatarnic

Title:  Camouflaged Grasshopper

Description:  While conducting fieldwork in the Pilbara I came across this little guy.