UNSW Student to attend World Environmental Summit

Charlotte, Volunteer Building in Cambodia
Wednesday, 29 August, 2012
Sarah Terkes

Charlotte Mills is one of two students selected to represent UNSW at the World Student Environmental Summit 2012. The summit will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, in September.

The theme for the Summit is “Let’s Change” with a focus on initiating change. Over four days, about 80 delegates from all over the world will attend conferences, participate in workshops, exchange their views on change, debate issues of sustainability and environmental management as well as networking with other students and representatives from NGOs, universities, environmentally interested companies and other relevant parties.

Change will be addressed at three levels: societal, international and individual. At each level the participants will discuss the potential and limits of different concepts, movements, strategies and development models for change.

Since all delegates are representing universities, there will be a special focus on the role of universities in society as facilitators of change. During the Summit, delegates will be invited to present a project on sustainability which has successfully been implemented at their university and that they think could be beneficial to other universities.

Delegates are also expected to implement change at their university using the skills, knowledge and experience gained from the summit.

Charlotte, currently undertaking a combined Bachelor of Environmental Science & Bachelor of Arts, intends to fulfill this expectation upon her return: "I believe that UNSW has a lot of potential in its sustainability policies and from within the student body. I hope to garner some of this potential with the motivation and strategies I learn at the summit".