UNSW Chemist Honoured in Auckland

UNSW Chemist Dr Alex Donald
Monday, 4 February, 2019

UNSW Chemist Alex Donald has been awarded the Bowie Medal – a national prize recognizing excellence in research in mass spectrometry by a mid-career scientist.

Dr Donald, who applies and develops this analytical technique to study problems in chemistry and biology, received the award from the Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry at the Society’s conference in Auckland on Saturday night.

Dr Donald said it was an honour to have been selected as Bowie Medallist.

“Professor Bowie is a great scientist who has trained many of Australia’s current generation of researchers in mass spectrometry. To be associated with him in any way is a huge honour,” he says. 

Earlier this year, Dr. Donald’s team set a new record for being able to detect very small mass differences between protein-ligand complexes, a development that can be used to significantly improve the measurement of protein-ligand interactions, such as those that are used in the pharmaceutical industry to treat a wide assortment of disease. This work was published in the leading chemistry journal ACS Central Science.